About Me!!!!

I am a trained dancer with a passion for gardening, cooking, and body/mind wellness.  I have my BGS from the University of Louisiana Lafayette and a MA in Dance/Movement Therapy from Columbia College Chicago.  When I was in graduate school I realized that there was a little rumbling of a great cook in my spirit because I loved to roam around the cooking utensil store in Hyde Park.  Didn't really start cooking until I got married and we bought our first house.   Had the awesome chance to study cooking at the Natural Cooks Studio in Boulder Colorado and also have a certificate in Hospitality and Tourism from LSU/UNO.  It's taken me 8 years to perfect my vegan baking and continue to learn something new everyday.  Currently I am a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and have an awesome health coaching practice.  I will eventually do more cooking classes and body/mind wellness retreats.  The sky is the limit!