Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Making it Stretch: Creative Food on a Budget

I know it's been a while since I've blogged!  My Southern Veg life has been in transition lately and I have found myself been pushed to give and do more for others.  I've been volunteering and gave away huge bags of clothes and things I don't like and wear anymore.  Why was I keeping that stuff anyway?  At one point I was into this flower phase where I had flower glasses, bowls, and plates.  As I was organizing my kitchen I looked at those things and thought, "What was I thinking"?
Needless to say, I promply gave them away :-). 

Another thing that has been going on is that I've had to work within a tighter food budget.  Lately my local Whole Foods has been carrying Nature's Burger in the bulk section (just add hot water and you got a meat free burger).  Well,  I found that if I put a vegetable boullion cube in the water and add frozen chopped spinach that has been sauteed in onion and garlic to the mix, it makes for a hearty burger.  With the spinach I got a little more out of my burger mix and also beefed up the taste.   I also do this with the Lightlife vegan sausage mix by adding things like mushrooms, carrots, and other veggies to add just a little something more to make things stretch.  Just becuase you have to spend less doesn't mean food has to be taste-less:-).  Take care of yourselves folks and if you have a great veg cooking budget idea, let me know!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Just Keep Cooking!

There are some days when I just don't feel like doing anything with my blog.  I think to myself I have too much to do with the kids, house, and errands.  But then I get an encouraging e-mail or a nudge from my son who loves making videos and I find that I just have to keep on cooking!  For all you Mom's out there, being healthy is not just about the food we eat, but what we feed to our spirit.  I saw this article today and wanted to share the inspiration.  Take care and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Smoothie or Cold Soup?

(Deb Lindsey/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST) - Left to right: Cool and Spicy Mango Soup (or Smoothie) and Green Gazpacho (or Smoothie) photographed on June 28, 2011 in Potomac, MD.
Interesting article. Is it soup or smoothie? To decide click here.