Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Road Less Traveled

My father and I were talking last night and he made a comment about musical artists growing up and being themselves.  It's so easy to get caught up these days.  He compared it to vegan/vegetarianism.  When everyone else around you is eating meat and other stuff, it just seems like it would be easier to join in and eat meat with them.  Well, sometimes it is a lonely road here in the South Louisiana .  I find that folks don't think or care to diversify their menu.  I find I have to bring my own food or just eat before I go to certain events.  Only a few of my friends care and most of them are out of state.  Now some folks will say, well it doesn't matter what other people think, yes, this I know, but studies show when folks have a tribe of like minded people around them they are happier.  Thus my blog, facebook, twitter.  While social networking is cool,  I need to find my tribe.  Yes I feel a little lonely.  I know there are other vegetarians where I live but it's not like an Atlanta, Chicago, or D.C.  I  do miss those hubs of eclectic activity and looks like I may land in one of those places soon.  But for now I will enjoy the blazin' heat of South Louisiana and stick to the things I know for sure:
1.  People grow and change including myself and dang it ok to do so!  As that change and growth happens though, people and relationships in your circle grow or fade away accordingly.
2.  Everyone's path is different and that's o.k. also.  What we decide to eat, who we decide to pray to, and who we decide to live with during the journey is not for others to judge.
3.  It's not the end of the world if the noodles are overcooked, the cakes falls, or the veggies are burnt.  Just keep cooking.

Take care

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