Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Could be a Moon Pie?

One of my favorite childhood treats was the banana Moon Pie.  The waxy spongy marshmallow goodness was just awesome in my younger non vegetarian years.  They also come in chocolate and vanilla, but banana was my favorite.  As I got older and changed my diet I said goodbye to the Moon Pie and didn't revisit it until I went to a conference for a job I had in the tourism industry.  A representative from Chattanooga, Tennessee was there.  If you don't know, Chattanooga, Tennessee is the home of the original Moon Pie.  I was given mini pies to bring home and decided, what the heck!  Well, needless to say, I tried one and realized how sensitive my taste-buds had become to non-veg products.  Speaking of,  let me run to the mid-week farmers market to get some fresh vegetables,  I'll be right back...
I"m back.  Today I bought  leeks and artichokes.  Hey by the way, if anyone knows of any good artichoke recipes drop me a line. Now back to Moon Pies!  So while perusing the isles of Whole Foods, I found this little item in the cooler section. ---->

Sweet and Sara Smores are filled with vegan marshmallow on top of a graham cookie covered in chocolate.  Now all they need to do to make it moon "piesque" is to add another graham cookie on top and then cover in chocolate.  It's a different taste and not waxy.  The chocolate is top quality (rich and dark, yum!) and the "marshmallow" is a little spongy and sweet to me; the chocolate was enough decadence in itself. Though not the gooey stretchiness that folks are used to with regular marshmallow it is a decent substitute for those missing certain treats from their non-veg days.  So, folks, if you are from the south and want to reminisce about a time when you would drink milk and eat moon pies, this little treat will help keep you on your meat free path.

By the way, one thing I always hear from people who are southern transplants when I tell them that I am a vegetarian is " I used to be a vegetarian, then I moved to the south" or "how can you be a vegetarian from the south?"  Well with items like the one above and the variety of meat substitutes out there, anyone can transition to becoming vegetarian or vegan. So sit back, grab some soy, almond, or rice milk and grab a Sweet and Sara Smores.  You can always mark out the "Smores" and write in Moon Pie.

P.S.  Now, if they could come up with a banana flavored coating, hmmmm.
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