Friday, July 9, 2010

Vegan options in schools.

As a vegetarian mom one of the things that I have always had to do was pack my son's lunches when he went to school.  I found it frustrating some mornings when I was tired or got up late to fix a lunch.  When my family lived up north and my son went to public school there, the cafeteria had vegetarian days.  On those days I would send him with a few dollars and have a day off from my morning or evening ritual of fixing the lunchbox.  Most of the time though, the vegetarian option was full of cheese so he would either pull it off or I would just send him with an extra snack because the vegetarian option had more vegetables. I saw the article below and thought this was a great idea!  Having a lunch truck doesn't help the elementary school crowd but it's a start.  We all need to keep abreast of local and national legislation for school lunches and continue to push for vegetarian and eventually vegan options for our children in schools.
Vegan Lunch for High Schoolers

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