Sunday, December 5, 2010

Southern Vegetarian T-shirts: A little "Lagniappe" for the Southern Vegetarian.


Happy Holidays!  I wanted to let everyone know about my t-shirts and other items I have just in time for the holidays!  One of the reasons I started this blog is because I looove vegetarian cooking.  But then I realized, I not only like cooking but everything involved in it.  Planting my food, composting, going to farmers markets, learning how the foods we eat affect our bodies.  Everything is connected!  Let’s start a Southern Vegetarian Revolution I say!  With all of the negative news out there about the health disparities in the south let’s show people the there are some folks doing things a little different here!  Click on the Southern Vegetarian apparel link below to check out super cute t-shirts, bags, water bottles, and kids items.

Southern Vegetarian Apparel : A little "Lagniappe" for the Southern Vegetarian.

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