Friday, March 4, 2011

A Timeless Passion!

This year I will be 40 and  more than anything I've been reviewing my intentions, the actions that have made up my life.  Am I authentic?  Am I honest?  Am I  living from the heart or my head?  Unfortunately, I have lived mostly from my head.  What looks good on paper and not in my heart.  But, what was so awesome about the experience of moving to Chicago for a while was that I had to re-think my actions.  I had been through a difficult pregnancy and just wanted to bask in the glow of my new little one.  My undergraduate and graduate training is in dance but I didn't want to do that.  My body wasn't ready and plus, it was getting cold and I do not like having my warm body come out into miserably cold weather after a dance class, so, I cooked.  I just felt that if I cooked something good would happen.  Interestingly enough, the post office box my hubby and I rented used to belong to a catering company. One day I received a trade magazine that talked about blogging as a way to network and become more visible in the culinary, hospitality and tourism industry.  And the rest, as they say, is history.  I started a blog, YouTube channel  (my bonus MIL suggested this), and got a Twitter account.  My husband set up my web domain and I kept cooking.  It was the one of the few things I did that seemed timeless.  I had a Personal Chef job once and spent about four hours cooking and even didn't realize it! 

I eventually began moving and dancing again and have found that yoga and teaching dance to an eager class of young people gives me that timeless feel.  I've been in 3 hour yoga classes that felt like an hour and find I go over time when I teach because I get very engrossed in what I am teaching.  So enough blabbing for now.  I know it's been a while since I have posted a recipe.  I do post pics on Facebook and Twitter and will have more of those to come.  I also have videos that I have to post.  All in all, I am learning life has to be lived on an individual basis.  Sometimes because of family expectations and societal norms we get caught up other people's view of what life "should" be.  But just think about those things that are timeless in your life.  What are those actions that align you with with your true spirit?  Keep cooking and check out what I have been cooking below.

Mini Pineapple Ginger Cupcakes with Banana Whipped Frosting

Ingredients for Stuffed Cornbread

Finished Stuffed Cornbread with Vegan Cheese and Veggie Crumbles
Polenta Lasagna
When I came home from yoga, my son was preparing this.
Chocolate Cake for my Sweet Pea's birthday

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Unknown said...

All of your dishes look wonderful! I am really wanting to try the cake,naturally lol, and the Finished Stuffed Cornbread with Vegan Cheese and Veggie Crumbles.