Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vegans and vegetarians say plant-based diets are healthier – and a growing number of experts agree -


Vegans and vegetarians say their plant-based diets are healthier, and experts agree. But is it possible to stick to the menu?  Let me know what you think  Southern Veg Folks.

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Ginamarie said...

If one embarks on a vegan diet merely for health reasons (to lose weight or reduce cholesterol, etc...) then they may find it more difficult to stick to, because they are not "choosing" a vegan diet and lifestyle... their body has forced them to make that choice.

However, for those of us who have made the choice for reasons of compassion for animals, there is no looking back, no "dreaming about food" as the article so ridiculously stated and certainly not fond reminiscing of the animal products that we used to eat.

When we look at that food on a plate, we see very different things than what a person who eats the SAD (Standard American Diet) would see.

So is it easy? For me, yes, as the thought of ever ingesting animal products would be my own hell on earth.

Germaine S Gordon said...

One cannot embark on this path as "trendy". There has to be sincerity in the choice based on healthier living or compassion for animals. Whatever the choice, folks who follow their truth will find life easier to manage.

Germaine S Gordon said...

Thanks Ginamarie for the thought provoking comment.