Saturday, April 30, 2011

Healthy Schools: D.C. Tries To Teach Students Good Habits

I know this article is about D.C. but I like seeing what other areas are doing to be proactive about the health of our children.  As a Dance Therapist, I have always felt that complete holistic mental health required more than just movement.  A balanced diet is a fundamental requirement to overall well being.  I used to work with kids who were served sugary doughnuts and red fruit drink for breakfast and “bouncing off the wall” doesn’t begin to describe their behavior.  So I found myself dancing and moving around with a bunch of kids who are out of control and pumped full of meds because they are bouncing off of the walls.  It felt really counterproductive and as the therapist I felt worn out.  Interestingly enough it took my own personal physical breakdown for me to actually embody what I intuitively knew.  I combined a vegetarian diet with yoga and thus began a journey of physical and emotional awakening that has led me to this point.  Right now my mission is to combine my love of food with my yoga and dance therapy background.  For me healing is a whole process and with that said, check out the article below. 
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