Friday, June 3, 2011

Is the new Nutrition Plate Vegetarian Friendly? Nutrition Plate Unveiled to Replace the Food Pyramid

On yesterday First Lady Michelle Obama introduced a new concept in how we look at the daily diet.  The new concept called MyPlate ( takes the place of the old food pyramid with a round plate divided into four sections:  fruit, vegetables, grains, and protein.  On the right side is a smaller circle the size of a glass designated for dairy.  When I checked out the the site the new information looked great.  I just wanted my Southern Veg Folks to click on the protein section of the plate and let me know what you think about the wording in terms of vegetarian diets.  It’s in the middle of the recommendations for seafood and meat and I feel is not clearly differentiated from the latter.  Check it out at the link above and let me know. The first thing I always get asked is how do I get my protein so I definitely wanted you to check this out and also the diary section.  Send comments and have a great weekend!
read here--->Nutrition Plate Unveiled to Replace the Food Pyramid -

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