Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Composting Adventure!

Are all you Southern veggie lovers enjoying this interesting weather?  I know someone said the S word (snow) was in the forecast for some parts of Louisiana.  Wow!  Well that hasn't stopped my son and I from putting together a compost bin.  At our old house I had an outdoor compost heap complete with worms, that we would throw scraps on and then turn over with leaves.  I loooooved it because I would use the worm castings as fertilizer for my herb garden.  Being a Southern Veg Girl,  I not only love cooking, but also growing my food.  Since moving, I've missed my old routine.  Luckily, I found a video on YouTube by the Garden Girl, Patti Moreno.  Look her up if you want information on gardening in urban environments or small spaces. 

So the other day, my son and I bought two boxes of red wiggler worms and an 18 gallon storage bin, drilled holes on the sides and bottom, put a piece of cardboard at the bottom, added dirt, worms, and leaves and voila', a compost bin.  My son is uber excited and I am looking forward to great fertilizer from the worm castings.  Check out my newest video to your left or on my YouTube channel, Southernveggirl.  Unfortunately the sound on my video is a little off but you still get to see what we did and my littlest one joining in on the fun.  Take Care!

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