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Why Supplement?

Wild Blueberry, Courtesy of Natures Compunds

My friend Nika Miller wrote this article and owns an awesome whole foods supplement business.  Check out his article and website link below.  He also does bio-dynamic farming.  Enjoy!

Why add supplements to your existing diet
The use of supplements (vitamins and super food blends) has gained momentum in recent years while the question remains just how beneficial they are, and why they are needed. It was presented some decades ago how the body was able to produce certain essentials while not being able to produce others.

The nutritional profile of recommended foods showed that they also were lacking in certain essentials; this gave rise to Supplements. In time vitamins (vital minerals) were the most recommended form of supplements; they were becoming a common household favorite. The vast improvements in various aspects of health, showed their weight in gold.

The origin of the supplement and vitamin is predicated on the study of wild and native edible plants; the thorough examination of each integral molecule, compound and element gave rise to the uncovering of vitamins, nutrients and the dynamic chemistry of plants in complex-whole form, not fragmented, separated nor isolated into an adulterated form, only allowing the body to utilize not revitalize deficiencies.

The foods that once upon a time were adequate in the nutritional aspect; providing the body those essentials it could not produce on its own. The extensive use of chemical fertilizers significantly changed the profile of food nutrition; the over abundance of certain minerals prevented the absorption and assimilation of others (its counterpart). It became known over time that minerals were better absorbed as pairs and cell salts; two examples of this pair dynamic is sodium (constricts) –potassium (dilates), and iron-phosphate, sodium-chloride and calcium-& magnesium phosphate are three examples of this cell salt dynamic. This dynamic is much more efficient when in organic form - whole plant substance.

When reports began to surface about the body’s inability to absorb the entire vitamin or mineral substance; many reports also showed urine analysis containing 80% of the vitamins and mineral content, a very inefficient showing of metabolism

The body functions in a particular fashion, in that when one mineral counterpart value is too high or low it inhibits the functioning of the other, giving the impression that a deficiency is prevalent. The two-fold function in metabolism is expressed as deficiency or excess. If one component is over abundant than its counterparts it's essence will go unexpressed-not absorbed. The foods high in phosphorus, when eaten in abundance will inhibit iron absorption; just as foods too high in iron will inhibit phosphorus absorption. Sodium-potassium and calcium- magnesium exist in ratios of one another; this is the other dynamic of body functioning.

We must answer the question does deficiency exist?  In the matter of nutrients there is no deficiency, but there is a very prevalent enzymatic deficiency. The body’s embryonic stem cells set the stage by providing the body with every component it requires to properly function; it also equipped us with a store house of vital substances known as metabolic enzymes, allowing the cells to replicate the calcium, protein enzymes, iron etc..

The enzymes can only be revitalized by live plant substance, carrying vital enzymes. The principle of self perpetual cell revitalization is based on replenishing the body with its most needed substance – Enzymatic enzymes, the most prevalent deficiency

The body possesses all the minerals required for proper functioning; it’s the proportion in which they exist and whether they are recharged-revitalized by enzymes attached to protein substances possessing the same chemistry. Enzymes have a metallic substance at its core, which conducts electricity. There are three (3) forms of Enzymes: Metabolic, digestive and food. The enzymes from lightly steamed or uncooked food revitalize the metabolic enzymes-stem cells, which are the powerhouse of the human body.

We now understand that our metabolic enzyme supply is predicated on our intake of foods pronounced with enzymes, thus revitalizing the mineral and vitamins the body already possesses is the most efficient approach to supplementing that which the body is in need of.

In retrospect, supplements are only sub-parts of a more complex form; all individual vitamins are but sub-parts of one vitamin. The other notables such as enzymes which are in essence functional proteins, along with co-enzymes, electrolytes, glucose etc.. should be in complex form consisting of all the vital substances. The organization of the human body is predicated on balance and proportion.  The concept of filling in the missing pieces of the nutritional puzzle still is void of the most important aspect – enzymatic proteins.

In understanding the extent of poor food quality and the non-affordability of quality food brings us to a crossroad. The purchasing of supplements versus the additional cost of Organic food; the awareness of organic food quality in comparison to standard quality. The advent of the super food movement has raised eyebrows in the health field. The principle of super foods meets the requirement of having complex form; being more beneficial than vitamins, minerals and enzymes in individual forms.

The organization of a super food consists of sea vegetation and land vegetation; plants grown organically or wild harvested-sea vegetation. This is the most obvious choice of a supplement; certain blends are more vital than others.  

"Cell Nutrition” by Natures Compounds, is a superb blend consisting of all nutritional wild plants from lakes, oceans and land.   Click on the link below for more information.

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